Types of vehicle damage

Common Types of Auto Body Damage

Cars and trucks often live fairly rough lives. As much as many people would love to baby their vehicles and keep them tucked away in the garage, the truth of the matter is we need them to get us from A to B, and a lot can happen during that journey. From door dings to full speed accidents, automobiles can suffer much damage during the daily grind. Thankfully, the experts at Lone Peak Collision Repair perform all sorts of auto body repair in Midvale to restore cars to their pre-accident condition, no matter what happened to them. If your car has suffered some sort of structural or body damage don’t hesitate to reach out to us to request an estimate for professional repairs.

Paint Scratches

Spotting a fresh paint scratch can make your stomach drop. Whether it happened in a parking garage, in traffic, or when your shopping cart got loose, paint scratches are always a cause for concern. Depending on the size and depth of the scratch the repair method can vary. In many cases a small scratch can be buffed out using special compounds. On the other hand, a deep scratch may require filler and computer matched auto painting to ensure it is properly repaired.

Dings & Dents

Dings and dents alway seem to pop up out of nowhere. Whether or not the source of the dent can be explained is irrelevant after the fact; what matters is that it can be fixed. There are several methods of dent repair that can be conducted, all depending on the type of damage. For example, if the dent did not harm the paint and it is accessible from the backside, then it is likely that paintless dent repair can be performed. In other cases the use of body filler and new paint will need to be applied. Some situations may call for a new panel, such as a hood or fender, to be installed in place of the damaged one, as this can save time and money.

Weather Related Damage

Mother Nature isn’t always the nicest to our cars and trucks. Most vehicles are exposed to the elements for years on end, almost never seeing an indoor parking space. This time outside presents plenty of opportunity for weather related damage to set in. A common issue is rust, which occurs when vehicles are left in moist conditions without proper care. Repairing rust that is only on the surface of a vehicle involves sanding and repainting, but if the rust has began to eat away at the metal, cutting out the hindered area and welding in metal will likely be necessary. Weather troubles don’t stop there. The sun also can cause damage, primarily to the paint. Harmful UV rays can cause fading and paint peeling after years of roasting. Lastly, hail can be a massive issue for a vehicle. Hundreds of tiny dents could riddle a car stuck in a hail storm, resulting in a need for hours of dent pulling.

Collision Damage

Much of the vehicular harm discussed thus far is relatively minor. Unfortunately, it gets worse. When a car accident occurs, even at relatively slow speeds, many types of damage can occur. While dings, dents and scratches are likely to happen, the frame is what is really at risk during a wreck. The frame, or unibody, is what supports the weight of the engine, transmission, body panels and other vehicle components. If it is bent, cracked or twisted in an accident the vehicle’s structural integrity and driveability will be greatly compromised. The use of precise frame repair tools will be necessary to restore the vehicle back to its factory specifications.

Yes, a lot of different damage can happen to a car, but in most cases it can be fixed, especially when you trust the team at Lone Peak Collision Repair. Our full service shop offers collision repair in Midvale for all makes and models. From major to minor, we repair all types of body damage. To request an estimate give our friendly crew a call at 801-996-8369 today.